Saturday, 10 November 2012

man mix

It was a day in the life of a man.  This day was full of our men's shows, but most of these were the edgier guys who care about their looks but don't make a fuss.  It's a thrown-on, not thought out appearance that makes them urban cool.

Simply good

No jacket required

Time for a tie
Suited but not stuffy
All clothing above from the Bespoken show
All clothing this section by Rochambeau
High-waisted and cool

Rochambeau's green room
All clothing this section from Antonio Azzuolo
(This was one of David's favorite outfits all week)
Layered freshness

You have to have a few preppy boys
(All clothing this section from J Press York Street)

The men's club
Pattern play
(Clothing this section by Unruly Heir)

Can I sit down yet?

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